Kitchen is one of the spaces at home where we show our attitude to the requirements for sustainable and eco-friendly way of life. From the products we use, to the way we dispose of waste food and beverage and packages. But are our kitchens designed and produced with thought about nature? Not all of them. Here is one good example - Valcucine :

In our job each day technology, product functionality and innovative solutions,
advanced design and research are alive and as important as imagination and
over detail, passion for natural materials and handicraft
to safety and respect for the environment.

The environmental-friendly kitchen - the Riciclantica door is the utmost expression of a design based on dematerialisation and is made of an extremely resistant structural aluminium frame together with a sophisticated decor panel that is only 2mm thick. The use of special materials such as carbon, aluminium, steel or layered laminate, the very accurate planning of construction details – for example, the inside of the new frame appears aesthetically pure because of the total absence of screws and hole caps – and the absolute resistance of all door versions to water, steam and heat, contribute to making the Riciclantica door unique in the furniture sector. Riciclantica is a kitchen designed to have a low impact on the environment and represents the most advanced technology to express the shape of lightness. Thanks to research into and application of special innovative technologies, this door respects the four basic principles of environmental-friendliness: minimum consumption of raw materials and energy, durability, recyclability and non-toxic finishes.

"With showrooms all over the United States, Valcucine prides itself on building the most functionally stylish, energy-conscious products around.
From cabinet doors made from recycled materials to bookshelves that boast an aluminum core, a Valcucine kitchen is a green builder’s dream project. The company’s sensitivity to all things eco is apparent from its elimination of formaldehyde and synthetic finishes to its earth-friendly production. "( ecofabulous: That's One Handsome Italian )

But what I like very much is their design - elegant and well-thought.


Recommended for 'XXI Compasso d'Oro' prize.


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