One of the most steady trends in contemporary interior design is Green design and an important manifestation of the green trend is the use of resource-efficient features like low-flow faucets, low-E windows, powerful insulation and natural choices and eco-consciousnessfor furnishing for our homes.  This makes us feel guilty when using the bathtub, but you don’t have to take a shower every time. Design can help us solve this problem. One good solution is Duravit's intelligent answers to the question of whether it’s possible to take a bath without having a guilty conscience, offering bathtubs that, thanks to the optimum use of space, conserve our water resources by every means possible.
For example, the inside of the Paiova bathtub is ergonomically and intelligently shaped to ensure maximum bathing fun with minimum water consumption. Also, it allows for another way of saving water:  its trapezoidal shape offers space for two people to lie side by side. It’s even more comfortable with the optional neckrest. The step that matches the bathtub panelling in American Cherry (real wood veneer) makes it easier to get in and out. 

You like the idea? More ideas for green - and fun - design of our bathrooms will follow soon.

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