The Green Design Competition

 The Green Design Competition is a competition for entrepreneurs in the design industry, for individuals (and teams) with a vision of what the future of  design should look like. The aim of the competition is to find the talented entrepreneurs in the industry who aim to create a new product which sustains biodiversity.

Design a product and write a business plan, which explains how your design contributes to sustaining Biodiversity.
Applicants for The Green Design Competition can be individuals, teams or recently established brands based anywhere in the world. They should be able to design a product (which will significantly contribute to sustaining biodiversity, either by concept, design and production, or usage) and have entrepreneurial aspirations within the design industry. Sustaining our world’s biodiversity should be part of their vision, integrated in their company’s functioning.


The competition is divided into two categories each with a first prize winner.
To participate with the competition you must choose one category, which is in accordance to your current position and enrol before February 10th 2012. Enrolment is obligatory for participation in The Green Design Competition. During the first round positioning in the correct category will be checked.

..........................The deadline for enrolment of The Green Design Competition is February 10th 2012.
More details on their site.

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