Eliminating cooking odors naturally

Odours from last night’s dinner can continue to linger in the kitchen and throughout the house for hours on end. And if you, like me, are not the person who likes to use artificial air fresheners, probably have tried to find a natural way to get rid of them. We have already talked about the useof baking soda for eliminating bad smell from the trash bin, but cooking odors, especially from cooking fish, are some of the most stable and difficult to eliminate.
There are several natural ways to try to solve this problem, like brewing some coffee, baking anything aromatic such as cake or leaving out a bowl of vinegar for several hours. People say also that scented candles, especially lemon scented candles work great. Or you can boil a pan of water with a few teaspoons of lemon juice, or a teaspoon of cinnamon.
An interesting way of creating a natural air freshener is to put some baking soda and water in a slow cooker and set it to LOW with the lid off in the room that needs freshening. You can add also several drops of essential oil or nice-smelling spices to the pot.
The same is the problem with garlic and onion – their strong smell is very stable. One way to eliminate it is to rub your cutting board with lemon and your hands, too. Lemon is a great natural deodorizer. I have tried that and know it works. Some people squeeze lemons into a spray bottle and add warm water and just spray this around the house.
I have heard that burning some sage as a deodorizer works pretty well. And I have read about an Odor Absorbing Splatter Screen, but have not tried it. 
For sure, a safe way to clean the air from unpleasant odors is just to use an air purifier with a good filter – in addition to catching other particles like dust and allergens it will absorb the smell, too.

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