Най-еколкогичните подови покрития

Паркетът, независимо от каква дървесина е направен, е едно от популярните покрития за под - той може да ви служи добре дълги години, приятен е на допир и е добра изолация. А когато се повреди, може лесно да се възстанови.

Студио TemZaDesign
направени от керамика, стъкло или камък, но с голям процент рециклирани материали.
Снимката вляво е мой проект на кухня, в която почти всички материали са екологични: плочките на пода, мозайката от стъклени плочки на стената, плотовете от синтетичен камък (направен е от естествени материали, споени с безвредни смоли), тапетите от естествени влакна, шкафовете, направени от качествен ламинат, който има сертификат за безвредност.


прави се от ленено масло, пигменти и борови смоли; изобретен преди повече от 150 години, линолеумът остава един от най-'зелените' продукти за пода, защото се изработва от възстановими природни ресурси, няма вредни токсични излъчвания, не позволява развитие на бактерии и се поддържа много лесно.


произвежда се от кората на коркови дървета, а много често и от други коркови продукти; еластичен, шумопоглъщащ материал, подходящ за повечето помещения, включително и за бани (където инсталираните плочки се покриват с полиуретан или силикон).

Студио TemZaDesign
В кухнята вляво, която направих за едно младо семейство, също всички материали са екологични - подът е от корк, залепен направо върху старото покритие от теракотни плочки. Така подът бързо и лесно бе обновен и освен това стана малко по-мек и уютен. Плотовете и гърба на стената между шкафовете са от гранит, а шкафовете - от качествен ламинат.

Get ready to grow your favorite herbs and spices in your kitchen effortlessly!

Click & Grow Computerized Smartpot With the Click & Grow Computerized Smartpot anyone can experience the beauty of growing fresh herbs and vegetables indoors with zero effort. It’s so simple. Just click the plant cartridge in the Smart Herb Garden, add water and watch it grow! 

Light and Planter in one

Dino Felt Lamp by Voos Furniture Dino Felt Lamp by Voos Furniture -a felt desk lamp with a flexible neck. A container integrated into the base stabilizes the design while also providing the perfect space for a pot plant.   Light + Ladder Hanging Planter
Light + Ladder Hanging Planter
Bring the energy and freshness of nature into your home with designer Farrah Sit’s Hanging Planter. The possibilities with this versatile piece are vast: curate your own organic installation, grow an herb garden in your kitchen wall, store small inspirations above your desk. Each handmade porcelain planter is fastened to an amber leather strap that dangles delicately from a solid brass hook, echoing the marriage of the substantial and the delicate in the natural world.Illuminated Round Planter Illuminated Round Planter
Bon Decor Illuminated Planter - Clear - 17 diam. x 32H in.

A lamp as delicate as a flower

Heracleum 2 Bottoni corksThe decorative Heracleum LED lamp was inspired by the Heracleum plant and is definitely one of the most delicate lamps, created with a very interesting technique of coating conductive layers and with white leaves/lenses that ramify from one branch creating a very thin and delicate natural structure. This design is not possible with normal wires.

 Here is the story of its creation by the designer Bertjan Pot:
 "Heracleum arrived at Moooi as a fantasy. I had the wish to light many LED-lights at the same time. I experimented with bundles of electricity wires that I shaped into a branch structure. During the development of the design it just seemed that too much soldering was required. Then Marcel Wanders had the 'luminous' idea to use his ELECTROSANDWICH® to make the design possible. The structure was coated with a plastic layer for isolation and on top of that a conductive layer to supply the LEDs with power. Using this technique it was possible to create a structure more slender than I had hoped for when I started the project. The technique and design are perfect for each other." 
Heracleum detail
The new version Heracleum II also provides unique and sparkling illumination and includes a new LED that makes it much more efficient and allows endless technical possibilities. It is offered in copper or nickel and is dimmable. 
A great accent piece for any interior using one of the most eco-friendly types of lighting - LEDs!

Green plastics and a lamp that you can eat

 BITE ME Desk Lamp is an algae-based plastic, created by American designer Victor Vetterlein from vegetable glycerin and agar, a gelatin that comes from sea algae. If the lamp becomes damaged, simply wipe off any dust or fingerprint residue and submerge the Bite Me in purified water for an hour to soften up. “The consistency after soaking the lamp in water for an hour is like wet Gummy Bears,” says Vetterlein. source
Eco Plastic_Green Trend_3
The exterior shell of Patricia Urquiola’s Husk chair for B&B Italia is made from HIREK® - a plastic made from recycled industrial waste.

Eco Plastic_Green Trend_2
 the Broom chair by Philippe Starck for American company Emeco is made from 75% waste polypropylene and 15% reclaimed wood fibre.

Now you can grow your vertical garden in your bathroom

- it is true and obviously not difficult to implement! These MOSStiles are like a new texture or finish for your walls. The stabilized lichen lives off the moisture in the air.


The beauty of recycled glass


Crush is the name of Fireclay’s new 100% recycled glass tile made of raw waste glass sourced from within 20 miles, crushed and processed locally.  Crush is made-to-order within two weeks from Fireclay Tile’s San Jose, CA factory. Customers can choose from 40 different colors, available in both gloss and matte finishes, and an array of 17 sizes with complementary borders.